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Ana Lucia

For Ana Lucia

For Ana Lucia
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All Members , Moderated
Maintained (for now) by uberaeryn and crazydiamondsue.

We welcome Ana Lucia-centric fanfiction, icons and meta.

Fics and spoilers welcome, but behind a cut.

If you hate Ana Lucia or her interactions with other Lost characters, feel free to post. But please, some context. Posts such as "OMG SHE HIT SAWYER AND/OR JACK AND/OR KATE, DIE DIE DIE!" are pointless. Those types of rants will be deleted. Keep in mind that all of these characters are complex and layered (well, almost all of them) and that there is most likely a reason Ana Lucia acts in the manner she does.

Discussion is welcome.

Flaming of posters will not be tolerated.

Discussion of the actress, as an actress, is also welcome. Gossip about her personal life will be deleted.

No RPS, please.

And note that we are an elite community. We're so damned elite that we let anybody join and post.


So, don't you feel welcome now? :P